360 Quality

Welcome to the 360 Quality Association

360 Quality Association is an alliance of specialised reefer shipping lines and seaport terminals specialised in the handling of reefer cargoes. Our aim is not only to maintain the high standards established in the chain, but also to continuously improve the quality of handling, storage and transport of reefer cargoes. To enable this, we have to take a close look at the flow of cargo through the entire supply chain, beginning with the harvest and ending somewhere at the consumer (shelf life). By understanding the needs of the different stakeholders in the supply chain we will be able to take appropriate measures to introduce improvements.


We would like to invite you, to travel the supply chain together with us and learn more about what we do. We have shown the supply chain for a cargo of fruit. If you click through the navigation points at the top in sequence, you will see the various stations the reefer cargo passes on its trip. In the texts you will learn more about the Association, its aims and activities.


So let's depart and start the virtual voyage in the world of specialised reefer shipping.