360 Quality

Why you should book a 360 Quality member for your next transport


There are many benefits for shippers and receivers when booking a 360 Quality member company. Here are a few of those benefits:

Enhanced quality results and lower damage rates
Why is this so?

  • Due to constant work on the quality improvement (the Code, studies, statistics, etc.), you can be sure, that a 360 member will always apply the best established practices in its operations.
  • Each cooling section in a specialised reefer vessel has a separate ventilation and fresh air controlsystem in order to provide the best carrying conditions for your cargo.
  • Temperatures are monitored in real-time and can be controlled directly.
  • The specialised reefer vessels provide optimal air distribution, so that cargo is quickly and evenly cooled down.
  • The reefer plant and the conditions in the holds are checked frequently ensuring immediate response to any unwanted variations in the conditions in the hold or malfunction of equipment.
  • Dedicated ships and terminals ensure that the people handling your cargo have years of experience in the handling of reefer cargoes. Your cargo receives their full attention at all times.


Short transit times (provide even better results)
Why is this so?

  • Specialised reefer vessel travel directly to their destination ports. Hubs are not required. This also means reduction of carbon footprint and therefore food miles.


More space for bigger volumes at season peaks
Why is this so?

  • The capacity of reeferships varies from a couple of thousand pallets to six and even seven thousand pallets, which can be carried below deck.
  • Since specialised ships are self sustained carrying units, one does not have to worry about additional logistical support such as containers and cranes. This ensures that there is a flexible and cost effective capacity solution for exporters.